Sustainability, Co-Creation and Innovation

Download our 5 Step guide to making your hydraulic systems more sustainable

HYDAC contribute to plant efficiency and sustainability.

HYDAC has a series of strategies for condition monitoring and optimising hydraulic and lubrication fluids. These comprise of a series of technologies designed for the efficient operation of hydraulic systems:

This means:

You achieve high energy efficiency, thus limiting inefficiencies and reducing waste.
You extend the useful life: limit the obsolescence and premature end of life of products.

HYDAC sustainability topics in focus

Sustainability is our vision

Sustainability is no longer just a passing trend: thanks to the growing attention to this global issue, there are many and varied companies that have undertaken green activities recently, and many virtuous ones that have been perpetuating them for years.

For our industry sustainability is the awareness of energy utilisation, resources, and consumption.

Far too often, oil is changed without need, filters changed too soon, systems running on incorrect configurations that can be energy optimized and legacy systems that requires overhauls.

However, it can at times be difficult to prove that the important work is more than loose claims and talk. We created a five-step guide that makes it possible to translate the intentions into concise action plans that support the overall strategy, and document the efforts made towards a more sustainable future.
In short, we see sustainability as a possibility to be ahead of competition.

Co-Creation is Our Method

The future of our industry is drastically changing. Through the adoption of technologies, we secure our partners with state-of-the art know-how and services. Co-creation is the collaborative development of concepts, solutions, products, and services together with partners.

Co-creation is a form of cooperative innovation: ideas are shared and improved together. For us, co-creation is about gathering people. We are developing partnerships with like-minded companies on the topic of sustainability. We share, test, and develop together with our partners to create efficient and innovative solutions that sticks to the core of our customers’ needs.

Sustainable solutions need to be developed within partnerships. The challenge in the industry cannot be solved individually, and having companies coming together, takes innovation to the next level. Collaboratively, we identify areas for improvements, ensuring we deliver the value needed to further expand our industry knowledge and to tackle sustainability all together.

Let us face the challenges collectively!

Innovation is Our Backbone

We seek to innovate towards sustainability with use of technology. With exponential development of emerging technologies and electrification, we must ensure processes accelerate the integration of these technologies. It's all about being dynamic, passionate, and creative. We innovate to create new methods, new technologies and new tools to enable a sustainable industry.

Through our collaborative approach and with tools like design-thinking or agile development, we seek to stretch the possibilities for the future of our industry. Within our portfolio we already have several technologies available for our partners to utilise, whether if it covers the extension of the lifetime of fluids, reduction of tank sizes or fluid conditioning, the technology is available and waiting to be applied. In our partnerships, we discover how these technologies can benefit your environmental footprint, while still being profitable for the business case.

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